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Welcome to Oregon Crossroads; a space for ideas, dialogue, and opinion.

In this forum, we will have honest discussions about the problems that we face, and how we can solve them. All manner of social, political, and economic problems will be discussed. There are no boundaries. Problems of local, state, national, and/or international nature will be our interest. We are interested in the ideas of the people, the people who live and work in the trenches of life.

The people are those who work day in and day out to provide goods and services, who toil in private sector or government jobs, who toil in non-profits, or who toil in the care of loved ones. We are not interested in this forum in the ideas of the professional politicians nor in the ideas of those who base their lives on the political process.

We are interested in the ideas that support liberty: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. We are interested in ideas that support ideas driven by the people, not by government leaders in Washington or in Salem.

We seek a new way, which is timeless. We trust in the people who from their experiences are fonts of innovative thought, creativity, and practicality.

Let us prepare for our crossroads.

Meet Bud

Bud Pierce is an oncologist, former Republican nominee for governor, father, husband, community leader and patriot.

For decades, Bud and his wife Selma have dedicated themselves to bettering their community through involvement with non-profits, public institutions, and political activism.

Through Oregon Crossroads, Bud seeks to give a voice to those who feel left behind by the single-party rule of Oregon. To share the ideas, opinions, and information that are currently being left out of our political process. As well as advance the free-market principles and individual liberties that lay as the bedrock of our society.